Slow Big Eye fishing but we managed one last night on the Hooked Up II

Nothing to shout home about as some very good fisherman never had one big eye bite last night fishing one of the local canyons. The reports I got was it was much better down in a more southern canyon where we fish on a regular basis but it is 90 mile run from Cape May.

We had one marlin bite and one legitimate big eye bite and boated the tuna in about ½ hour or so. The tuna ate a 5 oz. Shute on one of the long riggers where we get many of our bites. . We then battled some pretty crappy weather on the way in last night and having one nice big eye on ice made the ride a little more tolerable.

We are hoping to see some yellowfins show up shortly to go along with the decent big eye fishing as it has been a while since we did any day time fishing as almost all out trips are concentrating on that late afternoon into the night big eye fishery which has become so popular the last couple of years. So far this season we have had only one trip when we did not boat a big eye so it has been very consistent for us the last few years but really looking forward to seeing some yellowfin showing up.