Do Not Miss The Early Season Yellowfin Bite

Do not miss the early season yellowfin bite which was really good in 2012…

Based on the last couple of seasons it seems we are seeing the Yellowfin Tuna showing up a little earlier each year and last season we had some very good early season tuna fishing in late May in our local waters off Southern New Jersey. Have the conditions that attract tuna changed in recent years causing the tuna to show up earlier or it is nothing more than many anglers’ not running offshore trips until later in the summer and the tuna have been there [singlepic id=48 w=320 h=240 float=left]all along?  This is a great question and I do have my own personal thoughts on this but regardless of the answer the tuna showed up in our local waters late last spring in some very good numbers and provided some of the best tuna fishing of the entire season in 2012.  These were not the barely legal tuna we used to see in past years in June and early July but decent size Yellowfins in 40-50 lb class with a few bigger ones pushing 60 lbs.  Not bad for late May and in our case we fished inside 50 fathoms in the green cold water 100% of the time.

This year we plan to be ready to start fishing offshore tuna as early as April if the conditions look like they might be right for holding bait and tuna. My crew and I have also been discussing doing some exploratory trips looking for Bluefins in early spring if we hear of any reports or feel there is a legit chance they may be holding off the Southern NJ, DE or MD coasts. In past summers we used to have great inshore Bluefin fishing in our local waters starting in late June or early July on tuna up to 200 lbs but not in recent years. We have had some short windows when we had BFT’s show up in June and July but nothing like in the past when we were hard pressed to catch one under 60 inches and am now wondering if these size tuna now pass through our area in May or even earlier when the water is cooler and few are offshore fishing for them.

Overall the real message is there was some very good early season Yellowfin fishing last season and for those interested in targeting tuna in May or earlier we will be ready. We are also offering discounts on early season 24 hour overnight trips where we tuna-tile fish in the daytime and target large sharks and possibly even swords at night. We are in the process of getting a new webpage and it will be up and running shortly and showing our 2013 pricing and trips we offer.


Early Season Overnight Special:

This trip offers the best chance to catch a really big deep Canyon Mako Shark and Swordfish while fishing at night. Last season there was a great early season Yellowfin Tuna bite in May, June and part of July and our early season overnight trips allow us to be on the tuna grounds at daybreak and late afternoon when tuna fishing is at its best plus it offers fishing when there is much less boat traffic. It is common knowledge that heavy boat traffic often sounds fish and curtails the bite but being in the Canyons right at false daybreak and late afternoon allows us to be fishing during the prime feeding time for tuna and other species. We also will be targeting Big Eye Tuna just prior to sundown and into the early evening when they bite the best.

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