Took a boat ride yesterday and tried a little striper fishing on the Delaware Bay

Decided to break up the winter doldrums and run up to the mid-bay for an exploratory striper trip fishing with surf clams.  We had one runoff and that was it before deciding to head back to Cape May in the early afternoon.  We fished part of the outgoing tide and heard a few fish were caught not too far from us even though the water was really dirty, cold and loaded with debris that kept getting caught on our lines.

Overall tough conditions on the bay yesterday, but it was good to wet a line even though the striper fishing was slow overall on Sunday morning for us.   This was just a fun trip with my crew and friends, but we plan on starting to run regular and open boat striper charters sometime in the next week or so when the water warms up a few degrees, so if your looking to book a charter, contact us.  For now though, it is all fun trips with friends and family for us. It definitely felt like spring was in the air especially back out our dock where we had protection from the cooler wind like there was out on the bay. It will not be long now.