Outstanding Jiggin Action Today For Bluefin Tuna on the Hooked Up II

We had Kil Song and some of his friends from Detroit, MIout today to target some Bluefin Tuna on our local lumps and hills. We departed the dock around 3:00 am and pointed the boat out towards the same location where we found some larger Bluefin in the 90 pound range fishing with jigs only on our way home from an overnight trip to the Washington Canyon yesterday. The tuna were still there and it didn’t take long before the jigs were being hit on a very consistent basis throughout the morning. We actually started out trolling but I just couldn’t resist pulling in our trolling tackle and immediately turned over to jigging when I saw the great, and I do mean great, marks on the bottom or very close to it. This did not disappoint any of today’s customers since the bites started up in short order and continued throughout the whole trip. We did get our over and under fish on today’s trip so the group is probably enjoying Sushi this evening.


It has been a few years since Kil fished with us back when the Bluefin tuna fishing was world class out of Southern New Jersey and it was a pleasure to have him and his friends back on board the Hooked Up II.


On a side note there is some find Yellowfin tuna fishing happening the last few days out of Cape May and we can do a combo day trip of 14-16 hours where we target Bluefin tuna then run another 45 minutes or so and have the chance to put together a fine catch of 40-60 pound Yellowfins. There really is some fine tuna fishing going on right now and I hope it continues the rest of the offshore season.


PS: Running 50-60 miles for a day trip seems like a walk in the park after running 90 plus miles on two of our last trips down to the Washington canyon and today was a welcome change for both myself and the crew after our 30 hour trip on Tuesday-Wednesday.