Slob Yellowfins The Last Few Trips On The 55 Hooked Up II

We fished back to back trip the last few days in the local canyon many of the South Jersey fleet has been fishing which produced some great fishing for us and quite a few other boats we know. It was not drop dead tuna fishing where you catch your limit in a few hours like we often see in late August, September and October at night but a steady pick and you had to put in your time to put a good catch together and that is exactly what we did for our customers and it paid off with some slob Yellowfins on our last few trips. These are by far some of the largest Yellowfins we have seen in a few years locally and many were in the 80 lb. plus size range and fought like tuna this size do. We lost a few as we were fishing light leader to get the bites but overall I think the anglers did a great job on some pretty challenging Yellowfins. Just some outstanding Yellowfin fishing going on in our local canyons with an occasional Big Eye thrown in especially late afternoon into the night trolling.

There was a really good tuna bite on Yellowfins in multiple local canyons the last few days. It depended on which canyon you fished as one produced limit catches of Yellowfins in the 30-50 lb. range at night only while another canyon the best fishing was during the daytime with hardly any action at night. Some canyons it is mostly a chunk bite only while in another canyon trolling produced the best fishing. Overall there is some excellent tuna fishing in our local canyons going on as this report is being written from all the South Jersey ports.

We will be putting together a make-up charter possibly this coming (Thursday or Friday August 14,15) plus we have some great dates available the next few weeks for any interested anglers looking to book a charter to get in on this great tuna fishing.