Winter Jumbo offshore Sea Bass and Tile trips on the 55 Hooked Up II

We are hoping to run as many offshore trips as weather allows between now and December 31, 2014 targeting these great eating fish.  We have all custom tackle especially for deep water sea bass on board or you are welcome to bring your own. We can  also do a deep drop Tile Fish trip as well for those that would like to fish a little further offshore and while we are out there look around and see if there might be a few Bluefin’s or Longfins swimming in our local canyons. This time of year getting fishable offshore weather windows can be difficult to come by so any trips will be weather dependent and the shorter notice always works better since the forecasts can change so fast in December.

We offer one of the absolute finest charter boats to fish on especially in the winter out of South Jersey that includes safety features that go beyond what is required for 6 pack charter boats. Since we commercially fished for Giant Bluefin Tuna in the winter months down off the Outer Banks for many years we have on board cold water survival gear in case of a unforeseen emergency.  Safety is upmost importance when fishing 50 plus miles offshore in December.  The average running time out to the offshore sea bass ground is under 2 ½  hours and if we do a canyon Tile trip about 3 hours as we run slower on the way out in the dark but on the return trip in the daylight we run much faster. The bottom line is you do get more fishing time with the speed of the Hooked Up II and a shorter boat ride to and from the fishing grounds.  The departures times will be approximately 5:00 am for Sea Bass and 4:00 am for canyon Tile trips.

If you are a single or small party we will match anglers up to make a full 6 person charter. The only dates we are unavailable to fish are Dec 24, 25 at this time. Contact Capt John to join a trip!


Offshore Jumbo Sea Bass is $2250.00 for a regular charter and $375.00 per person for open boat trip plus tip for the mate.

 Canyon deep drop Tile trip $2400.00 for a regular charter and $400 per person for an open boat trip plus tip for the mate. We will look for any tuna on these trips while tile fishing.