First Two Trips of Spring Black Drum On the Hooked Up II

Ran our first two trips of the 2015 season the last two days and absolutely slammed the Black Drum on both trips.

The second trip yesterday May 18th was an open boat trip due to the group that had us chartered losing a couple of anglers last minute and the trip was about as good as drum fishing gets. On our first trip on Sunday May 17th we picked a few on the outgoing during the day but as soon as the tide slowed down it was multiple drum on at the same time.

The group kept 5 for the table and released the rest and we left at 5:30 pm as the group had tired arms and shoulders from fighting big drum. We have had only one drum less than 35 lbs. as all have been in the 45-80 lb. class. On Monday we had two on before we could even get our lines in the water in the middle of the afternoon towards the end of the outgoing and it stayed this way until the tide ran out. There was a lull for a few hours when the NE wind picked up against the start of the incoming but once the tide overcame the wind it was game on again. Just flat our great drum fishing for us the last couple of trips and glad that we were able to release as many drum as we did to live another day. Just a great start of the 2015 season for us.

We have dates available right through early June and we expect more great drum fishing around the full moon June 2. We may do a couple of open boat trips over Memorial Weekend if we do not go offshore tuna fishing so contact us for available dates on the Hooked Up II.