Two offshore open boat trips with one Big Eye and two under Bluefins

This does not sound like great fishing by any means but the way things have been lately it was not too bad overall. A lot of hours were put in just to catch just a few tuna and we did have a few Mahi-Mahi thrown in as well as a couple of White Marlin releases but compared to a lot of reports I got this weekend we did okay. We ran quite a ways to the north where we caught the Bluefins yesterday with the intent to get away from the boat traffic and we did end up with just a couple of boats around us. Both Bluefin were caught on ballyhoo fished wwwwback and then let out another 100 yards. We could fish the wwwwwback on our shotgun and outside riggers with due to not have much boat traffic around us. We fished our normal combo spread where we fish a few lines strictly for Bluefins and the rest of our 12 rod spread for Wahoo and Yellowfins.

One of my friends I talked to this evening did about as good as anyone yesterday by staying inshore and chunking with a few nice 40-50 lb. Yellowfins and an over 47 inch Bluefin plus some Mahi-Mahi. One of my mates came in from yesterday’s trip and headed back out on a private boat to help teach them how to catch Big Eyes and I think they will have a great chance at catching at least one with far less boat traffic tonight compared to the weekend.

PS: I thought my new sea temperature gauge was malfunctioning as I had over 80 degrees coming back to Cape May yesterday and I cannot remember seeing sea temps that high locally inshore.