We Welcome Singles and Small Groups to Fish on the Hooked Up II

As most know the tuna fishing has been outstanding recently in the southern canyon with all sizes of Yellowfins with some pushing 50-80 lbs.

Many of these tuna are on the small size but they still are legal and provide some great action and table fare. I think we will see larger size Yellowfins showing up everyday fishing out of South Jersey so now is the time to get offshore when the weather allows to enjoy this outstanding tuna fishing. Along with the Yellowfins the Big Eye bite is now really taking off with ones ranging from 100 to 200 lbs plus that are often mixed in with the Yellowfins or in the same general area. It is even a very good possibility we will see the jig bite on inshore Bluefins starting up shortly like last year with tuna in the 60-125 lb range so it is safe to say the tuna fishing overall is outstanding right now.

If you are a single or small party send me an e-mail with your contact information and we will put you on the list for make-up trips for up to 6 anglers.  On these trips we split the tuna up evenly among all the anglers so everyone gets an equal share to take home for the table. We currently have enough anglers on the current list to do at least one make-up trip over the July 4th Holiday and if we get a few more we will do a second trip. We are also have a few open dates in early July for regular 6 person charters.

I personally have run close to 1000 tuna trips fishing out of South Jersey and North Carolina plus the 55 Hooked Up II is unquestionably one of the finest deluxe charter boats fishing out of Cape May area. With the way the tuna bite is at the present time I think no one will be disappointed doing an offshore trip for tuna.

Prices start at $500.00 per person for our canyon trips along plus tip for the crew on our open boat 14 hour day troll trips.
*We will be offering a $425.00 per person rate for inshore Bluefin as soon as they show up locally.

Contact Capt John at cavemansportfishing@comcast.net to book a charter or get on an open boat trip!