Friday July 5 Fishing Report

We had the Sales family from Waterloo, IA who are relatives of my wife, Capt. Diana out today for a 10 hour inshore Bluefin trip and what a trip it was. We started out north of the fleet trolling as we took our time running out this morning as it was a little bumpy and most of the group had never been saltwater fishing before and I did not want anyone to get sick. We deployed the standard Bluefin spread I used over the last 15 years or so with a planner rod and a couple of lures with large Ballyhoo wwwwwwwback and then some. Eventually we put out some baits on our short riggers hoping we might attract a Yellowfin bite as we heard some nice size 60-70 lb. ones were caught not too far from our location. With not much happening for us on the troll we decided to go to plan B which was to drop some jigs down to see what would happen because at various times we had seen some great tuna and bait marks right along the bottom. It was only a matter of a minute before we were hooked up. We ended up with 8 nice Bluefin all over 50 inches and we kept our legal one that weighed 78 pounds. We estimated a few of the released bluefins were close to 90 pounds. Not a bad day and we are having the whole family over tonight for Sashimi.