Banner day on nice size Bluefins on the Hooked Up II with pictures and full report

We headed out this morning ready to troll, jig or chunk and I would chose with type of fishing I thought would produce the best. First choice was jigging and that is how we started the day today within a mile or so from where we had such great jigging action on our last few trips. Well we never had but one touch on the various jigs we tried this morning and everything was caught on sardines both up in the water column and on the bottom. The Bluefins ranged from the middle 50’s up to around 60 inches and all the tuna wanted today were Sardines. We caught the first tuna that we kept while drifting but that was the only bite on the drift so we decided to drop the hook and slow our drift down and then it was game on after we got on the anchor. Once on the anchor we had a tuna on about every 20-30 minutes and it took upwards of 30-40 minutes to get each tuna to the boat and released.


My crew spent yesterday rigging all my jigging and chunking tackle especially after the trip on Thursday when we caught our tuna on jigs and never put any chunks or bait in the water. We wanted to be totally prepared for some great jigging on today’s trip but for us only Sardines worked on today. Go figure. We use Tiarga and Penn 16’s on rods built with Calstar blanks with 80 lb Jerry Brown spectra with an 80-lb top shot mono and every fish we caught was on 80 lb Fluorocarbon leader. The heavy mono gives us some forgiveness if the tuna should accidently touch the running gear or side of the boat ECT. Bottom line we had another fine day of BFT fishing with consistent action all day on decent size Bluefins.


Our next regular charter is this Wednesday and our next open boat trip is on Thursday July 26, if the weather is okay. We plan to run a 24-30 hour open boat trip down to the Washington Canyon this coming weekend targeting Yellowfins and Big Eyes weather permitting.  Contact us for more information.


PS: Heard of a few Yellowfins caught inshore so there is the possibility of catching both species of tuna on any of our trips.


All the tuna today were at least this size or bigger as there was none even close being our under fish.