Best jigging-chunking Bluefins this year with almost all BFT’s over 47 inches

You will probably see some reports coming from a few other Barners that were out by us today as the Bluefin chunking and jigging was as good as it could possibly be in the very early am today. We fished alongside Dan from Cape May Tackle on his friends Howard’s boat plus another couple of other charter boats we know well and it was just fantastic fishing. The few boats around had 3-4 tuna on at a time with almost all of them well over 47 inches caught or released chunking and jigging only. We missed some of the very early am Bluefin madness as we went to the location where had so much success on our recent trips jigging and chunking but never had a bite nor saw any tuna on our fishfinder. Things changed for the better for us when Dan Harley from CM Tackle and the Capt Billy on the Miss Andrea who called us over and told us there was a mad dog bite going on so we picked up and moved less than a ½ mile and I have never quite seen a fish finder lit up with so many tuna. It was only a matter of minutes after we set our anchor that we got at least 3-4 hits on a CM Tackle hammered diamond jig with one coming tight and then it was game on. It is remarkable how fishing can be so good and a ½ mile away nothing as that is how it was today. We fought our fish for an extended period of time as it wrapped itself around our anchor line and it took some great work bymate Ray and my brother, Dave who is visiting from CA to get our tuna free and eventually to the back of the boat where we were able to finish the fight and boat the tuna. By the time we got our over tuna it seemed the bite had slowed so we opted to run 15 miles north and fish the 30 line and eventually the Dump Site looking for Wahoo’s, Yellowfins or a under Bluefin. The water to the north was lifeless and dirty green and produced nothing but a few Mahi bites for us today on the troll but jigging and chunking was on fire in the early am and then again in later in afternoon but on jigs only.


Our next open boat is this coming Saturday for those interested contact me ASAP to reserve a spot plus we are looking forward to our next trip down to the Washington Canyon to target those Devil Tuna (Big Eyes)


PS: I cannot wait to read Dan from Cape May Tackle report as they were on fire today.