Updated Prospective Fishing On Offshore Fishing

I have been offshore fishing for 25 years now and over the years I have noticed definite trends that often produce some excellent tuna fishing. Right now I feel the Bluefins should be making another strong appearance on the inshore lumps after taking the better part of the last week off. The simple reason is the better water that they prefer (clear cool blue oxygen rich water) has replaced the green water that moved in earlier last week. I know one boat out today chunking and am pretty certain they should do well on the Bluefins today. I am not sure if any will be caught trolling but chunking with light leader should produce quite a few bites for those that are proficient fishing this way.

Looking further offshore there should be some Yellowfins available from the 40 fathom line and to the East towards the canyons where ever you find a temperature break of at least 2 degrees. I am seeing these conditions this morning on my sea temperature charts but have not had a updated Chlorophyll shot yet to determine the water quality. When we had similar conditions we put together a pretty good catch of Yellowfins just SE of the Hot Dog. If possible we will probably go for an early am Bluefin on our Tuesday charter than move north and east and troll the edges of the temperature break.

I feel this fall we should see some off the chart night chunking with the present conditions we are experiencing this summer. We have not seen that 81 degree water from the beach to the 500 fathom line like we had the last few summers and this summer reminds me of the old days with inshore water staying on the cooler side. When the cooler inshore water pushed up to the warmer canyon water and creates a temperature break the tuna fishing should be outstanding at night.

We have one of the finest charter boats available for doing longer overnight trips as the boat was built specially with overnight canyon fishing in mind. We offer some of the largest bunks you will ever find on a charter boat along with a vast array of features to make your trip as comfortable as possible on on these longer canyon trips.   

PS: Currently the Washington Canyon still offers the best night chunk and jig bite on Yellowfins by far and until or local canyons start producing at night we plan on offering both 24 and 30 hour trips to the Washington. The Big Eye bite as been epic for a number of weeks now they are the primary target species on all our overnight trips.

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