Tuna Fishing Report for July 30, 2013

I report the bad as well as the good when it comes to fishing and yesterday it was really bad at the Dog for every boat I know that was out fishing by us. Some of the same boats that had at least 10 or more on Tuesday never had one bite yesterday all day. We ended up putting in almost a 16 hour day when the trip was supposed to be for 12 hours and had just one tuna hooked up on a jig late in the day but it pulled the hook. We finished the day on an inshore popular lump that I have not fished since we had a really good jig bite over the July 4th holiday. We jigged, chunked and even spent 3 hours trolling offshore towards the South Baltimore-North Poormans where I had the Yellowfin on Saturday and it was a totally dead sea in the 40-50 fathom area. We used live ling, live spot and sardines and nothing worked even though everyone marked lots of bait but hardly any tuna except right at first light and then they were gone. The question is have the tuna moved off the Dog or


The Baltimore Canyon was dead pretty much as well from what we heard from boats trolling north of us and to the east.


We could have fished today but advised the guys to wait and see if the bite turns on again as it very might be just one of those days. The water has cooled plus we had a stiff NW wind in the morning rather than the SW wind we have had for so many day now so that might have had something to do with it. The real question is have the tuna moved off the Dog like they did last year or was it just one of those days when they had lock jaw.