259 lb. Big Eye, couple of Yellowfins and a Mahi the 55 Hooked Up II on Monday’s trip

We cancelled our overnight trip down to the Washington Canyon this past weekend because of the offshore weather in the far southern canyons so ended up taking the group out today on a 15 hour day troll trip. This was a last minute trip that we decided to do late Sunday afternoon after I suggested to both the charter and my crew that I felt we should be able to find some good water over structure that was holding both Big Eyes and Yellowfins. In the end it turned out to be a great trip except for some snotty seas on the ride home but the fishing conditions were perfect throughout the trip. Congratulations’ to Dr. Nick (with a little help from his friends) on catching the largest tuna so far this season at South Jersey Marina.

We have had the tuna gods smiling on thus the past few weeks as we have had 4 Big Eyes with two over 250 lbs. and around 90 plus Yellowfins mostly in 20-30 lb. range the last few weeks on the Hooked Up Il. Except for today’s trip and one other day trip in early August almost all our tuna have been caught on 24 or 30 hour overnight trips down to the Washington Canyon. On yesterday’s trip we heard of a few tuna and mahi caught throughout the day as it was not red by any means but for us anyways it turned out to be a great trip especially for a day troll trip. Notice the what happened to the plastic plate on one of our tuna fighting belts as Big Eyes are really Devil Tuna and few very few that have ever fought a Big Eye stand-up will ever debate that issue. We had this one to the harpoon in one hour and 10 minutes and was the first one caught on a 50 class reel as all others have been on 30 class stand-up tackle and one hour and ten minutes is the longest we have fought on this season so far. The bottom picture is my 4 grandchildren that along with my wife, Captain Diana come to the dock to meet us when we have a nice catch and love touching and getting their picture taken with fish. Hopefully we are passing on the great tradition of fishing off the Jersey Shore.

We have opening starting later this week and through out the Labor Day weekend for both singles, small groups or regular charters so contact Capt John or e-mail cavemansportfishing@comcast.net