Another Big Eye Tuna on the Hooked Up II on Saturday’s day troll trip out of Cape May NJ

After sitting at the dock for over a week we finally got back out on a day troll trip with the Roche Supply Company from Scranton, PA area. We managed to boat one Big Eye just under 70 inches and a small Yellowfin. Capt Kobey along with mates Vinny and Ray did a great job with fishing conditions being less than ideal due to the amount of boat traffic in our local canyons on Saturday. This makes 6 straight trips where we have boated at least one Big Eye, fishing 3 different canyons and on some of the trips we had great night chunking with 20 or more smaller Yellowfins when we did overnight trips. Recently all the Big Eyes have come on 14-15 hour day troll trips.

I anticipate some great night chunking on Yellowfins to start up in our local canyons any day now to go along with great Big Eye bite the last few weeks.  This season has offered some epic Big Eye fishing especially if you can get out on weekdays with the lighter boat traffic. We have plenty of open dates in September and October for doing both regular charters and if you have a small party matching up anglers for a day or overnight tuna trip. For those that prefer jigging and popping we have all the experience and world class tackle to do either on any of our offshore tuna trips.  

big eye