Great day chunking (Friday 11/06) nice size stripers on the Hooked Up II

Well it finally happened this morning as the chunk bite went off this morning on almost all quality stripers much like last December when we had great chunking trips right up through the holidays. It all started just a few minutes after we set our anchor and continued right up until the wind picked up against the tide but we had already limited out. We released 5-6 others stripers along with the ones in the picture. All the fish were covered with sea lice and their stomachs were loaded with bunker not sand eels so possibly there is now bunker in the Delaware Bay and that is what brought these fish into the bay. We need more than one good day to really know if we will have a few weeks of great chunking but it sure was a good trip today and hopefully the will be more days like in the coming weeks.


We have most of December available for anyone interested in chartering us and will be running open boat chunking trips starting next week.

Striper Trip 12.6.2013 001 Striper Trip 12.6.2013 003 Striper Trip 12.6.2013 002 Striper Trip 12.6.2013 004