The Hooked Up II Starting Black Drum & Stripers Memorial Day Weekend

We have been waiting until our engine work was completed and now we are ready to start our 2014 season. We will be available for both regular charters and make-up trips for small parties-singles between May 25th and June 1 (or longer if the fish are still in the bay) for either drum or stripers depending on which species is available. We will also do 10 hour combo trips targeting both species. This should be the prime time for the bigger boomers with the full moon on May 28th. We can run both early am and afternoon trips on any of these days.

We are also planning on going for tuna along with canyon Mako’s as soon as the offshore water looks promising which could be in the next few weeks. We will be running make-up early season tuna trips as well as regular charters or contact us if interested in joining us offshore.