Great day troll trip today with 20 nice Yellowfins on the Hooked Up II out of Cape May

We ran our second offshore trip of the 2014 season and had 20 nice Yellowfin and released another 6 or so. Lots of action for our charter from Kentucky who up to today the biggest fish any of them ever caught was a walleye. They got baptized big time into salt water fishing and after a little time in the gym they want to come back later this summer and try for one of those devil tuna. (Big Eye)

The most amazing thing about today trip was on one occasion we had 10 on at once and managed to boat 9 of the tuna and the only reason we lost one was the crimp on the spreader bar broke. That was some work by our crew to boat 9 out of 10 tuna and these were not rats by any means with most in the 50-70 lb. range. Over 60 nice Yellowfins in our first two trips of the 2014 season and for day troll trips it does not get much better.

As on our first trip of the season earlier this week we started far from any other boats in the early am and boated 14 yellowfins by 8:30 am and after that our day was pretty much over and were still catching tuna when we pulled in our lines and headed back to Cape May. It has been an amazing start to or tuna season this week.