July 30 Fishing Report on the Hooked Up II

Today we ran a last minute open boat day troll trip.  Unfortunately it was a slow day during the day at the canyon for tuna.  We did manage a hookup that we fought to the boat, but we lost it at the boat.  That was our only shot at a tuna today.  There was about 20 or so other boats out trying for tuna in the area we were fishing, but I didn’t see anyone catching while we were there.


Eventually we gave up and decided to do some tile fishing.  We did manage around 20-25 tilefish, which saved the day, and then we headed for home.


Capt Steve who runs my boat on overnighter from time to time was out on a private boat the night before and managed some big eye and a bunch of yellowfins on the troll!  If you are going to head out to the canyon for some fishing, the daytime is not the time right now.  Head out and get trolling around 4 or 5 and troll until around 9 or so.  In that time window seems to be the most productive for our local canyons at the moment since there seems to be no life during the day.  If your only going for a day trip, head out in the afternoon, fish that time window and head in after dark for a late night/early morning return to dock.  I think this will be your best bet with the current bite.