Fall Fishing Season on the 55 Hooked Up II

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Hooked Up II for the season and let you know what’s to come!
It’s been an unpredictable tuna season to say the least when compared to last year when most of the tuna fishing was in the Washington Canyon. We have seen ourselves fish everywhere from the Washington Canyon to the Lindenkohl Canyon and everywhere in between. We have had days where it was lights out epic tuna fishing on large yellowfin tuna in the 70-90 pound class and days where we didn’t see a bite (which is unusual for us, but I guess everyone’s time comes sometime). Those times when we didn’t see a bite were frustrating considering 30 hours before we were limiting out on tuna for the boat and we went back to the same spot! We have caught them trolling, daytime chunking and even jigging, but there hasn’t been much of a night time bite this year in a local canyon to us. Last week, we even hooked up a big eye at 450’ on a jig! That was a first in 30 years of tuna fishing.


With all that being said, fall tuna season is rapidly approaching us. The days get shorter, nights get long and the temperatures get cooler. Really, fall can be as good a time as any to head offshore for tuna. We usually see yellowfin, longfin and big eye all being caught. We are expecting a good tuna bit into the fall this year and the Hooked Up II couldn’t be a better option for anyone who is looking to get that one last tuna trip this season in. We have our boat heated inside in the fall so you can be comfortable in the coldest weather while fishing offshore and we have comfortable sleeping for all anglers on board!


With cool fall weather also comes striper season. The Hooked Up II will be ready whenever the striper start to show up in Cape May again this year. We specialize in chunking trophy stripers and will start running trips in late October and November pending the arrival of the fish.


Currently for the month of September, we have plenty of good dates available for charter on an offshore trip including weekends and all of October open. If you want to reserve a date, give me a call or send an email to cavemansportfishing@comcast.net. We are also now booking for the fall striper season, so if that is what interests you, please contact me.


I have had several requests for offshore open boat trips. These are tough trips to organize and get together, but I plan to run a few offshore open boat trips in the next few weeks as soon as the weather allows. If you are interested in this kind of trip, please contact me so I can get your name on the list for when we start trying to organize these trips.


I hope everyone has had a great season and I look forward to hearing from you!