Went tuna fishing but ended up with a nice catch of Tiles on the Hooked Up II

We decided to put together a day trip this past Monday to break the cabin fever with the great weather this past weekend. We tried tuna trolling around daybreak but with the reports and weeds so bad we switched over to bottom fishing which more than saved the day for us.

Towards the end of the day we went back on the troll out in the deep of the Baltimore around a scattered group of pilot whales but gave up on this with the weeds everywhere and slow picking on tuna. The Grey Tiles we caught were in relatively shallow water under 400 feet and were some of the biggest I have personally ever seen so it turned out to be a decent day even though there were hardly any tuna caught by any boats locally yesterday that I know of except really small Blackfins.

Hoping for the tuna to slide down south to our local canyons soon and the weather cooperates so we can get in a few of those great fall chunking trips like in past years in October.

Tile Fish on the Hooked Up II Tile Fish on the Hooked Up II