June 10 2015 Fishing Report on the Hooked Up II

Final tally was at least 30 or more tuna bites and boating our legal limit of 18. There were a few undersized Yellowfins that were in the mix but only about 5-6 and the rest were decent size ones in the 30-50 lb. range. Half were caught inshore between the 40-50 fathom lines on Wednesday afternoon but this morning we got them really good fishing in a local canyon all along the East Wall. In all honesty they were everywhere inshore of canyon tip, in the deep, and after we left this morning I heard reports of tuna being caught up in the flats. Overall there has been some excellent tuna fishing now happening in various canyons up down the line. For us green spreader bars and pink-crystal 1-3 oz. lures with medium ballyhoo was all we needed to put our catch together. If you put out all pink with ballyhoo and no other color I truly believe you would have a banner day but having a few green lures with ballyhoo sure would not hurt. Just some flat out very good Yellowfin fishing going on at the present time.

I have been trying to promote to my customer base just how good June can be for trolling for Yellowfins. I really like when I can find a hard temperature break with cooler inshore butting up against warmer canyon water which often happens in June which results in some great tuna fishing. It really is a great time to get offshore if you like to troll and catch tuna including Big Eyes as they are around now too.

We have a few open dates left in June and if we can get decent weather will try to put at least one open boat trip together for singles and small parties.

PS: Thanks for the kind words here on the Barn as well as the private e-mails I got from a few boats that fished around us yesterday afternoon. When there is very little boat traffic it makes it much easier for everyone to catch and that is why I prefer fishing on weekdays instead of weekends if possible. It is always more enjoyable and productive when anglers can help each other especially when offshore fishing and most boats work together. This was the case yesterday and this morning and it paid off with some excellent catches.