Tuna Report From Sunday June 14 on the Hooked Up II

The bite that was on fire up through Saturday but really fell apart the last 24 hours in the Wilmington on Sunday. A few were caught early but it was over for most boats except an occasional pick of a few here and there. What was happening was a great Big Eye bite starting just before night fall. I expect to see most of the canyons start to produce Big Eyes for those that can stay into the night and have the skill and tackle to handle these devil tuna as I call them.

There was a red hot tuna bite between the Wilmington-Spencer Sunday afternoon between 50-100 fathoms which was similar to the one late last week in the Wilmington plus some tuna where caught inshore of the Baltimore late on Sunday.

We did catch our first billfish yesterday but struggled on the Yellowfins as we did not get in on the bite that happened north of the Wilmington on Sunday. By the time we ran up towards the Spencer bite has slowed down and we opted go back to Wilmington and try for an early afternoon Big Eye before heading back to the dock. We ended up doing an 18 day troll trip for our charter so the slow trip was not due to lack of effort. Bottom line there just was not much happening on Sunday in the Wilmington at all especially compared to last week when we had 12-15 Yellowfins in a couple of hours on Wednesday and Thursday.