Late afternoon-evening Bluefin, Yellowfin and Big Eye day trips on the 55 Hooked Up II starting July 4th weekend.

These are 15 hour day trips with an early afternoon departure and returning around mid-night specifically for targeting Bluefin’s, Yellowfins and Big Eyes. These trips offer the opportunity to fish when most of the boat traffic will be greatly reduced.  We are offering these non-published trips that are not on our web page where we target Bluefin’s and Yellowfins in the afternoon and then target Big Eyes during the prime time to catch them which is usually early evening into the night.  So far this season the best Big Eye bites have started approximately around 7:30 pm and into the night so we plan to be in the canyons no later than 5:00-6:00 pm and fish for them until approximately 10:00 pm and then head back to Cape May.  These 15 hour trips will depart Cape May in the early afternoon and return sometime around mid-night to 2:00 am. Last year the great day chunk bite on 60-90 lb. Yellowfins was in the Lendenkohl Canyon and on most days it started up between 3-4 pm if that bite happens again this summer these trips would offer a perfect chance to load up on Yellowfins also. At this time there is no way of knowing exactly which canyon will offer the best tuna fishing overall but if it is in one of our local South Jersey canyons these trips will offer a great chance of putting some really big tuna in the boat.

For those not interested in shorter day trip less expensive trip we will offer standard 12 hour trips targeting Bluefin on our local 20-30 fathom lumps like in past years. We now know of Bluefins being caught locally and we plan to start these dedicated Bluefin trips over the July 4th holidays.  We have all custom world class jigging tackle for those that like to jig for Bluefin’s along with over 30 various style jigs on board for our customers to use. In addition to our word class jigging tackle we have recently added new light weight Penn reels dedicated to catching tuna of all species on board the Hooked Up II. When trolling for Big Eyes we put out a 12 lure spread with all custom trolling tackle that we have set up specially to handle tuna up to 300 lbs. We have never spent more than 50 minutes fighting the 20 or so Big Eyes we have caught recently and our new Penn light weight reels should make fighting one of these Devil Tuna (Big Eyes) much easier due to the weight and amount of drag we can apply.  It should be fun. We specialize in targeting tuna, swords, Mahi and Wahoo and have all top of the line tackle to catch all these species of big game fish.

If you would like a chance at a really big tuna give some thought to joining us for one of these trips especially if you prefer not doing 24-30 hour overnight trips. You will save some money and still have a great chance of some large tuna.