Bluefin- Yellowfin Tuna plus Mahi-Mahi today on the 55 Hooked UP II out of Cape May

On today’s (Saturday July 27) open boat trip everything came together about as good as I could have hoped for. Mates Vinnie and Ray had worked well into the early evening yesterday changing our spread specifically for inshoreYellowfins, Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi and their work did pay off on today’s trip. We basically rig our lures on lighter leaders plus use smaller profile squid daisy chains and spreader bars. In past years we have been very successful at times running smaller baits when inshore trolling and sometimes it might just be the difference between having a slow day and one that produces a few fish. Today the new spread did produce some decent action and we were able to put some fish in the box when the troll bite was not very productive overall locally from what we heard.


We scheduled this open boat trip for a very early start (1:00 am) so we could be on the BFT grounds before daybreak and beat at least some of the crowd and catch our legal over BFT then move away from the fleet and troll to try to put some additional meet in the box rather than do catch and release on Bluefins. It worked out pretty well for us on today’s trip and from the reports I got all day we were definitely one of the more successful boats fishing inshore of the canyons. We ended up 5 for 7 on Yellowfins, 1 for 2 on Bluefins plus 5 Mahi-Mahi. Not bad fishing for an inshore trip plus the amount of boat traffic that was out tuna fishing today. What was also fun is we tried a little bit of everything as we jigged, chunked and trolled all on the same trip today.


We are open for the next few days and will be offering additional open boat day trips similar to this one so check the open boat forum for dates. Check with us about our upcoming overnight trips down to the Washington Canyon targeting Big Eyes and Yellowfins.


We have a few spots still open for Tuesday’s trip and if interested contact Capt John.